Friday, March 2, 2007

Differences Between Men & Women

This comic was posted on the Low Carb Friends discussion forum. I wish I knew who the art-work belongs to. Since I am uncertain of the copyright info, I am linking to the poster's photobucket site. I think that there is a lot of truth to this.

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My wife is weighing daily and becoming increasingly frustrated with the diet. Her weight fluctuates much more than mine which is driving her mad. She started losing weight at the start of my diet (eating my dinner and her breakfast & lunch). She didn't officially join me for over a month into it. Her success should therefore be measured from my diet start, not her official start. Since I began the diet in August 2006, she has lost 46 pounds! Wow! Even though her weight loss is now very, very slow, her waistline continues to slim down. This morning she put on a pair of paints that she hadn't worn in SIX YEARS. And, they looked fabulous on her. Congratulations Brandi! Way to go!

Today, we begin our carb-cycling experiment. This is supposed to trick our bodies into not adjusting to the continual low-carb intake. I am positive that the water weight associated with carb-intake will exaggerate the weight fluctuation. But, I am confident that the loss trend line will be steeper. Despite everyone's critisism, I am very confident that this program will result in equal or greater overall weight loss than straight low-carb. We'll find out, won't we?

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About PJ said...

I don't expect carb cycling will cause greater weight loss, except "in the end" which can't be compared. I expect however it will cause greater fat loss, and less lean body mass loss, which is the real goal. I think that's what you meant.

Congrats to your wife as well, holy cows and chickens! You guys are doing great!!