Friday, March 9, 2007

Carb Cycling First Week Results

This morning we begin another 2 day up cycle. Our first 5 day down cycle is now complete. From the start of the last up cycle, my wife has lost one pound and I have gained less than one pound. But, I have lost a little around my waistline & my lean body weight calculation shows a 2 pound increase lean mass. In short, the results were inconclusive.

You have to keep in mind that it took 2 to 3 months of low-carb dieting for our weight loss to slow substantially. So, we shouldn't expect the first round of carb cycling to have much of an impact on our metabolism. We will continue the experiment.


Fat Victoria said...

Good luck! I hope it works.

I'm giving NutriSystem a two month try to see if I can get the weight to move. I just finished my first week.

Sherrie said...

Gaining less then one pound isn't much at all, sounds like you probably did okay especially for the first one. Just tweak as you go.

I did refeeds one day a week back in 2002 and found they helped me, I was too chicken to do it over the entire weekend hehe.

Good luck