Friday, March 2, 2007

Carb Cycling Begins Today!

Today, my wife and I begin our carb-cycling experiment. This is an attempt to get past stalls and slower progress. We feel that the body adjusts to the low-carb lifestyle, making it more and more difficult to lose weight the longer you are on the diet. So, what we will be doing is cycling 5 days low-carb (20-45 net grams) with 2 days high (min. 90 net carbs, max. 350). The hypothesis is that by fluctuating carb intake, we'll keep our bodies from becoming resistant to losing fat. This is similar to what many body builders do except we'll have much lower low-days and no weight lifting. The experiment will last a minimum of one month. At the end of the month, we'll decide if to go back to the Protein Power / Atkins type of diet or if you continue with our own carb-cycling diet. Our diet logs will be kept online (link found in right-hand column). I'll try to update mine frequently. My wife will keep her log on paper and I'll copy the info over occassionally. My weight will be listed but her log will only show the daily pounds up or down.

Carb Cycling Diet Experiment Rules

  • Sunday through Thursday continue with low-carb ketogenic diet (like Atkins or Protein Power)
  • Friday and Saturday consume a minimum of 90 net carbs per day but not more than 350 net carbs.
  • Record daily weight.
  • Record daily food intake (what eaten and net carbs). Net carbs will be calculated as total carbs minus carbs from fiber minus 1/2 carbs from sugar alcohols.
  • Record daily Ketostix readings.
  • No cheat days for the first month. Thereafter consider allow 1 floating diet vacation or make cycles more erratic.
  • Small weight gain of mostly water weight during carb up days.
  • Water loss on carb down days 1, 2, & 3 (Sunday through Tuesday).
  • Ketostix showing ketosis on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
  • Real weight loss seen on morning weigh ins on days 4, 5, & 6 (Wednesday through Friday).
  • Weight loss due to carb-down days greater than weight gain on carb-up days.
  • Fluctuating carb levels will prevent the body from becoming sensitive to carbohydrates and prevent the body from adjusting to low carb levels. This should result in fewer stalls and a rapid weight loss similar to what was experienced during first few months of non-carb-cycling low-carb ketogenic diet.

Guinea Pigs (no pun intended)

  • BigDaddyD, a 33 year old male who has been on low-carb diet for 6.5 months and lost 70+ pounds but only an average of about 5 pounds per month for the last few months. See diet log then click "Big Daddy D" tab.
  • SkysMom, a 26 year old female who has been on a low-carb diet for about 5 months . See diet log then click "SkysMom" tab.

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