Friday, February 23, 2007

Dietary Supplements

I must stress the importance of vitamins and minerals. I have found that if I do not take potassium supplements while on a low carb diet, that I get muscle cramps. My muscles knot up and ache. When this happens, I take a potassium pill and the problem quickly goes away. I am not sure if my food intake doesn't contain enough or if the diet simply flushes the potassium out of my system. Regardless, I know the potassium supplements work. And, I suspect that there are other nutrients that my body isn't getting enough of without taking supplements.

My wife and I have both read the Protein Power Life Plan by the Drs. Eades. Toward the back of the book is a long recommendation of supplements. It is very hard to find the correct mix and dosages. When we began the diet, I think that I spent close to two hours in a local health food store just reading the vitamin labels. We have done our best to get as close to the recommendation as possible. Also many of the pills are quite expensive. It is worth the investment as the right vitamins are essential if you want to stay healthy. This post tediously lists each of the supplements that we are taking.

The following is a list of supplements that both my wife and I take daily:

- Spectro Multi-Vita-Min; 6 tabs a day provides:

Vitamin A: 25000IU
Vitamin C: 1000mg
Vitamin D: 400IU
Vitamin E: 400IU
Vitamin K: 50mcg
Thiamin: 25mg
Riboflavin: 25mg
Niacin: 125mg
Vitamin B6: 50mg
Folic Acid: 400mcg*
Vitamin B12: 100mcg
Biotin: 300mcg

Pantothenic Acid: 125mg*
Calcium: 500mg
Iron: 18mg
Phosphorus: 23mg
Iodine: 225mcg
Magnesium: 250mg
Zinc: 15mg
Selenium: 100mcg
Copper: .5mg
Manganese: 5mg
Chromium: 100mcg*
Sodium: 15mg
Potassium: 88mg*
Choline Bitartrate: 50mg
Inositol: 50mg
Paba: 30mg
Lecithin: 50mg
Bioflavonoid Concentrate: 150mg
Rutin: 50mg
Hesperidin Concentrate: 50mg
Pectin: 25mg
Boron: 1.5mg
Spirulina: 50mg
Alfalfa Juice: 125mg
Carrot & Yam Concentrate: 100mg
Barley Grass Juice Concentrate: 75mg
Rosemary Extract: 25mg
Parsley Leaves: 50mg
Pancreatin 4x: 30mg
Diastase: 20mg
Papain: 50mg
Ox Bile: 20mg
Glutamic Acid Hcl: 50mg
Royal Jelly 3.5x: 4mg
Bee Pollen: 50mg

- Chelated Molybdenum: 150 mcg
- Panothenic Acid: 500 mg (in addition to the 125 mg in the Spectro above)

The following is a supplement that I take but my wife doesn't:

- Potassium: 99 mg (in addition to the 88 mg above).

The following are daily supplements that I took before the diet and continue to take:

- Naproxen Sodium 220 mg (occasionally for back pain)
- Ginkgo Biloba 24%: 60 mg
- Panex Ginsing: 400 mg
- American Ginsing: 200 mg
- Siberian Ginsing 100 mg

The following are daily supplements my wife took before the diet and continues to take (I don't). These are taken for an MTHFR related clotting disorder.

- Folic Acid: 800 mcg (in addition to the 400 mg in Spetro)
- Children's Asprin: 81 mg.

I am thinking about adding additional Chromium Picolinate.


Scale Mistress said...

I've been taking Chromium Picolinate for the past year or so. I take 400mcg a day and find that on those days that I forget, I am more likely to go grazing for a snack when I shouldn't.

Super supplement said...

Don't forget exercise and eating right. supplements are a great way to loose weight but all three need to be combined together for the best results.