Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sweetzfree (Concentrated Sucralose)

One of the problems with making low carb desserts is the carbohydrates found in the sweetners. Granular Splenda, the kind that measures equal to sugar, has a whopping 24 net carbs per cup. It is the fillers not the sucralose that are responsible for these carbohydrates. If we could use just the sucralose without all the filler found in Splenda then we'd be open to a much wider range of comfort foods.

Well, there is an answer. A company called Sweetzfree sells concentrated sucralose. This product has no calories, no carbs, and no Maltodextrin or other fillers. It is simply pure sucralose in purified water. It dissolves fully and instantly in any food or beverage. The product comes in dropper bottles and is super powerful. One drop is equal to about one and a half teaspoons of sugar. A quarter of a teaspoon (25 drops) is equal to about one cup of sugar. This is amazing stuff. I have begun using it in place of Splenda in most of my recipes, especially the recipes that are borderline high in carbs without taking into account the sweetener.

There are two negatives with regards to Sweetzfree. First, it is difficult to get your hands on and second it is not cheap. The only place that I can find it is at sweetzfree.com. They have the most bizarre sales service. You can only buy it on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month starting at 8 AM Eastern Time. And, even on these days you are not guaranteed to be able to buy it. If the person selling it is traveling, you can not buy it on that day. Also, once they sell a set amount for that day, they stop accepting orders. I am guessing that this is somebody's business on the side. They probably buy an occasional barrel of concentrated sucralose and have limited time and resources to put it into small containers for distribution. I think that the price is a little bit high, but a little goes a long ways.

Sometimes to enjoy our diets, we must go the extra mile and pay a premium for quality.


Cindy said...

I've not tried this product, I use SweetPerfection, which is oligofructose, a sweet fiber. It's $22 a pound, measures just like sugar and is over 90% fiber.

Anonymous said...

1. Sweetperfection is NOT low carb. Oligofructose can be low carb, but only if it isn't sweet. If it's a sweet form of oligofructose (this is) then it's high carb. Not only is this high carb, but a lot of the carbs are fructose.

2. For about $2 a pound, polydextrose and splenda will create the same texture/quality of sweetness in baked goods. At $21.95/lb. , Sweetperfection is ten times the price.

3. This product will NOT perform exactly like sugar. Polymerized sugars such as oligofructose, inulin and polyd all have attributes that cause them to perform differently than sugar, sometimes drastically differently, depending on the application.

For instance:

Sugar will crystallize
Oligofructose will not
It will not work for fudge, for buttercream frosting or for fondant

Sugar is mildly hygroscopic (water attracting)
Oligofructose is extremely hygroscopic
Forget making meringues

And, most importantly:

Sugar can be creamed with butter/added directly to liquids
Oligofructose has major assimilation issues
If you try creaming it with butter it will form hard clumps that may never dissolve in your baked good.

So, summing it. Sweetperfection is:

High carb
Heinously expensive/overpriced
Fraudulently marketed

This is yet another fraudulent company attempting to make a quick buck at the expense of people's health. These people and the makers of Whey Low.

Daron said...


Just to clarify for everyone... My post was about SWEETZFREE, not SWEETPERFECTION. Note that sweetzfree (liquid sucralose) and Splenda (sucralose with maltodextrin) will not crystalize either. But, in my opinion, sweetzfree is by far better than any other sweetender that I have tried. And it, unlike others is totally carb-free (it doesn't even contain fiber).

Anonymous said...

Also, just so you know, Sweetzfree is no longer restricted to certain sales days. Its open all the time now, which really makes it much easier to order whenever I run out. I too find it a superior product with above average customer service.

X said...

Splenda created the popularity for sucralose and these companies are now competing in the generic market. There are many sucralose sweeteners like Sweetzfree. But sold as liquids (sucralose dissolved in water + other non-caloric stuff) they are not the most concentrated form. I've only found one place (ahfni.com) where they sell pure sucralose in powder. Oh they sell liquids as well.

Anonymous said...

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