Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Low Carb Vodka Highballs

Trying to lose weight does not mean that we are necessarily prude health nuts.... Lets talk about low carb alcoholic beverages. The impact of alcohol on a low-carb diet is minimal. Ethyl alcohol, which is the active ingredient in hard liquor, beer, and wine, has no direct effect on blood sugar. In the case of distilled spirits and very dry wine, the alcohol generally isn’t accompanied by enough carbohydrate to affect your blood sugar very much. But, some kinds of alcohol have sugar, so be sure to look it up before going wild. With that said...

A highball is a quickly poured drink served in a highball glass. The phrase 'highball' comes from the practice of placing a ball on a tall pole in a railway station to signal a train that it was running behind schedule. The name was attached to the drinks is because highballs are typically quickly made with just one liquor, one mixer, and a single garnish. Most mixed drinks are highballs. For example the rum and Coke, scotch and soda, the screwdriver. A highball consists of alcohol and a mixer, served over ice. Right now, lets focus on Vodka and low-carb mixers. Vodka has no carbs.


Fill an 8 oz. highball glass two thirds full of ice. Pour one and a half ounces of liquor into the glass. There are three methods for measuring your pour:

  1. Measuring the quantity with a jigger.
  2. Measuring "two fingers" of alcohol.
  3. Using a speed-pourer and counting to three

After pouring the alcohol, add tie mixer to the drink. If the mixer is not carbonated, either stir the drink with a spoon or to add a straw or stirrer to the drink for the drinker to use.

Low Carb Highball Ingredients:

The net carb counts below do not include the garnish.

Low Carb Cape Cod (1.3 net carb)
1.5 oz. Vodka, Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice to fill. Garnish with a lime wedge. Most cranberries come from Cape Cod. This is my favorite.

Vodka and Diet Tonic (0 net carbs)
1.5 oz. Vodka, Diet Schwepps Tonic water to fill. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Skinny Screwdriver (1.3 net carbs)
1.5 oz. Vodka, Ocean Spray Diet Orange Citrus to fill.

Skinny Madras (1.3 net carbs)
1.5 oz. Vodka, 4 oz. Ocean Spray Diet Orange Citrus Juice, 1 oz. Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice. Don't Stir.

Skinny Vodka Chiller (0 net carbs)
1.5 oz. Vodka, Diet Ginger Ale to fill. Garnish with a lime wedge. Chillers always have Ginger ale. This is the same thing as a "Skinny Moscow Mule". Since Vodka is from Russia, this drink is appropriately named.


Sweet Tart said...

My favorite highball is a LC Greyhound - Vodka and Crystal Light Ruby Red (fake grapefruit juice). Another favorite of mine (when you're feeling flush) is Hangar One Mandarin Orange Blossom vodka on the rocks or with club soda. That stuff is so smooth it doesn't need any mixer.

heather said...

i just started the atkind diet and am not supposed to have alcohol yet.Does anyone know if i have vodka and diet ginger ale,if it will affect weight loss?