Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet FAQ

I keep rambling about carb-cycling. I'm soaking up everything I can find on this subject. But, I have not started yet. My wife and I are hoping to try this as an experiment starting in March.

I just found this fascinating FAQ ( ) on carb cycling diets (CCD) also known as a cyclical ketogenic diet. Even if you are sticking to straight low-carb with no cycles, I recommend reading this. It has tons of great advise.

Here's something from the FAQ that I have never heard before. Seems you can watch your morning temperature to assist with regulating your metabolism:

2.25: Why Should I be taking my temperature regularly?A:Taking your temperature right after you wake up is an objective way to track any changes in your metabolic rate. The timing is important, as it leads to the most consistent temperature readings. You should take your morning temperature just before you start dieting to serve as a baseline for comparison. A reduced body temperature indicates a drop in metabolic rate. Weekly comparisons will tell you
if your metabolism starts slowing down too much. [HC]

2.26: What do I do when my temperature starts to drop?A: The short answer: up your calories to above maintenance for a period of time. Eating more frequently may also aid in this process. You may actually start to lose fat during this period of above maintenance calories as your body's metabolism upregulates to accommodate the new levels of food intake.[HC]

Very interesting....

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Tim Singleton said...

Thanks for the post. I see it was posted in 2007. Doesn't it suck that you work hard to build a blog and then it takes 4 years for someone to respond to the post? Anyways, I feel your pain.

I am doing the cyclic ketogenic diet myself. It is real simple. When I follow it I lose weight. When I screw around and medicate with carbs because I am stressed out I gain weight. Keeping lots of tasty high fiber, low carb veggie choices in the house seems to be the key to making it to Saturday (my carb up day.)

If you know of a way to ACTUALLY make shirataki noodles taste good, I would surely love to hear it.