Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carb Cycling Thread on Discussion Forum

Yesterday, I was scouring the Internet for information on carb cycling. I ran across this thread on a discussion forum. I'm not positive what the official name of this website is but I think it is somehow affiliated with netrition.com which is a company from which I order most of my hard-to-find low-carb items. Regardless, this thread has been running for 3 or 4 years. Those posting on it are all attempting to alternate "carb up" periods with "carb down" periods.


I haven't read the entire thread (yet) but it appears that they have not identified an official "carb cycling" diet to follow. They are each doing their own experiments and sharing what works and doesn't work with each other. So far, it looks like most are alternating low-carb days with maintenance-carb days. There seems to be no consensus on how long the cycles should run. Some say that carb-cycling resulted in greater weight loss and some say that it resulted in the same or no weight loss. But none of the posts that I have read said that they gained any net weight. By net weight, I mean total from start-of-high-to-end-of-low cycle. For example, if they gained 3 pounds during the "carb up" then they lost 5 during "carb down" they had a net loss of 2 pounds.

To my amazement, I have found that there are many people here trying plans very similar to what I have been concocting for my experiment next month. So, I am not alone in my ideas.

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