Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drs. Eades Comment on Carb Blockers

I am very impressed by the Drs. Eades from Protein Power. I hit the "contact" link on their web page to ask about carbohydrate blockers. The answer arrived almost immediately. The following is a copy of our correspondence (I hope he/she doesn't mind me sharing).

To: 'Daron'
Subject: RE: Inquiry from Protein Power Web site: General Comment

Dear Daron,

Thanks for your suggestion; we'll add it to the growing list of things we need to work up a blog on. We haven't addressed these products in any of our books in any significant way. It seems like we did do an article that touched on them for Low Carb Living magazine a couple of years ago. (That publication is no longer in print, we think.)

In a nutshell, though, we don't use them. Most of them are amylase inhibiting compounds extracted from green kidney beans. The do prevent some portion of incoming starch from being broken down by the natural enzymes of the digestive system and turned into sugar. Recognize that if they do work,they block only starch carbs, not sugar. Unfortunately, no one has studied what happens when the blocked starch molecules get farther downstream and into the colon, where bacteria may be able to break the starches into sugars and ferment the sugars, causing some potential problems. There have also been some case reports in the medical literature of enlargement of the pancreas from their use. We haven't investigated them any further, since even if they do as they say and block the carbs, that would only encourage people to eat too much of foods that also contain wheat gluten, which isn't so great, either. That topic we did address at length in The Protein Power LifePlan.


The Drs. Eades

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From: Daron
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 11:50 AM
Subject: Inquiry from Protein Power Web site: General Comment

Comments: I see numerous ads for carbohydrate blockers. I've not found much trustworthy info on them. Consider an article on these describing what they are, pro's, and con's. I've only read your old book, not the latest version. So excuse me if you have addressed already. Thanks.

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