Friday, January 5, 2007

Calculating Percent Body Fat

Early in my diet, I was so heavy that I was off the % body fat charts in the Protein Power Life Plan book. Therefore, I have been using the Health Central Covert Baily calculator. I'd like to know the formulas behind it. I have only found pieces of the formula online and am thinking about buying Cover Baily's book, "Fat or Fit" just to get the complete formula. If anyone knows it for all age group/sex combos please reply to this post.

According to the website for Senior Care Management, the Covert Baily formula is as follows:

Women Over Thirty (my wife is only 26)

hips + thigh - (2xcalf) - wrist = % body fat

Example: hips = 39"; thigh = 23"; calf = 13 1/2"; wrist = 6"

39 + 23 - (2x13.5=27) - 6 = 29% body fat

Men Over Thirty (I am now 33)

waist + (1/2 hips) - (3xforearm) - wrist = % body fat

Example: waist = 40"; hips = 40"; forearm = 10 3/4";wrist = 7"

40 + (1/2 x 40 = 20) - (2.7 x 10.75 = 29.0) - 7 = 24% body fat

These calculations add up a little bit different than the Covert Baily online calculator that I was using. But the numbers are not that far off. This formula is what I have used in the new online measurement log (see My Measurement Log at right).


Anonymous said...

Check out this link. It has Covert Baileys formula.

Lloyd said...

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