Sunday, January 7, 2007

Back on the Road

Tomorrow morning, I'm back on the road. I'll be in Nashville. Living in a hotel room and doing low-carb isn't that bad as long as you avoid fast food. Lunch is the biggest challenge. I only have a few decent options near my Nashville office. Breakfast is hot and free at the Drury Inn where we stay but the eggs and sausage are nasty. I've no idea what is really in the "scrambled eggs" but they don't taste quite like eggs. Fast lunch options include Gyros Shop (nice salads with lots of meat), Chinese Buffet, and Subway (not filling enough). However, occasionally, I get suckered into lunch meetings catered with sandwiches or pizza. Dinner's a breeze because we typically go to sit-down places that allow substitutions. My travel will remain only 1 week each month until April. I'll likely be in Toronto, Canada for 3 weeks each month starting in April. My wife is a school teacher, so I'm hoping that she and our son can join me some times. If anyone has any great ideas for meals while traveling, I'm very interested. And keep in mind that I will often have to go through customs so I don't want to drag a lot of food with me.

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