Thursday, December 14, 2006

Plateaus and Rocky Road

I have lost the weight from Thanksgiving but seem to not be losing anything else for now. I peed on a ketostix yesterday and it showed a Ketone level of only 15 which is barely burning fat. I've been keeping my net carbs under 40 but have been indulging in Carbsmart rocky road ice cream. This is high in sugar alcohols of which I have been counting 1/2 the carbs of. I wonder if I'm burning more than 1/2 the carbs from sugar alcohols? I may need to back off of the deserts... I've also been forgetting to take my vitamins.

Yesterday, I ate 36 net carbs and remembered to take my vitamins. This morning, my ketostix read a whopping 50! I may be back on track. I wonder if the difference is the missing sugar alcohols or the vitamins? One of the vitamins I take is chromium. I've read that chromium is necessary for your body to break down fats... hmmmm... Maybe I can keep eating my Rocky Road?

I've also been slacking on my journal. I was writing down everything I ate so that when I plateau, I am able to determine the cause. So, I will once again begin making daily entries to track my foods and associated carbs. I'm hoping to lose at least 4 more pounds by year-end. If I do, I'll stick with the current low-carb diet. If not, I'll have to make some serious adjustments in order to lost the remaining 40 or so pounds.

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