Monday, November 6, 2006

The Mrs.

The first 2 months that I was on this diet, my wife lost 10 pounds. She ate her normal breakfast and lunch but was eating my low-carb dinners. This along with my successful weight loss inspired her to officially join me. She has now been on the diet one month and has lost an additional 20 pounds. I've tried my best not to pressure her into dieting. But now that she's joined me, I'm doing my best to encourage her. Her mother has diabetes and this puts her at risk. I'm hoping the diet may avoid future medical problems. She now complains about her paints slipping down... I can't convince her to wear a belt. She's also re-discovering old favorite clothing that now fits again. She's already looking much thinner and healthier. I'm hoping we will celebrate in the spring with a beach vacation... her in a bikini and me in a speedo. Haha... my stretchmarks will be my badge of honor, telling the world about my successful weight loss!

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