Thursday, October 5, 2006

Suggestions for Eating Out - Fast food

Send comments to me with ideas on this subject! Fast food is the toughest part of the diet! If you are not in a hurry then avoid fast food restaurants. There is very little available at these places. Many low-carbers say to order a double cheese burger and not eat the bun. This doesn't sound like a pleasant meal and may be rather messy. McDonald's and some others now have salads with grilled chicken. Avoid low-fat dressings as they typically contain more carbs. Arby's used to have a salad or two that would do but they have removed their non-battered/grilled chicken items from the menu. Why don't they at least have a chef salad? Taco Bell and Taco Tico both have a decent taco salad. You can order it with extra meat and no beans. But, do you have the discipline to not eat the shell? I don't understand why these "tex-mex" places don't wake up and offer low-carb tortillas like at Subway. Speaking of which, Subway has an excellent selection of low-carb wraps. They have nutrition guides available that tell you exactly how many carbs and fiber each item contains. While the Subway wraps taste good, I find them to not be filling. I'll eat a wrap and 15 minutes later, I am hungry again. Look for gyros places (Greek fast food) often have decent salads with gyro meat and ziti sauce. I travel to Nashville quite a bit. Nashville is full of gyro shops that I love to eat at. But, at home in Lexington, there are none.

Any comments or tips you, the reader, can provide would be greatly appreciated.


PJ at TDLC said...

I'm a fastfood expert as that's all I ate for a zillion years while I worked 100+ hours a week. Unfortunately, there really isn't any fast food that will genuinely fill you up lowcarb. Arby's King minus the bread (or replace it with LC bread) is probably the best, or one of the solid grilled (not breaded) chicken sandwiches various places have. But really, not only is there often buried sugar in fast food meats, but there's often gluten holding them together which for gluten sensitives like me is a problem too.

I think it's really important to get past the fast food mentality I've always had and relearn different eating habits, and I work toward that constantly. I used to feel so deprived and frustrated that none of the fast food places I wanted to stop at myself or with family had LC foods. Then I realized I had it all wrong. I started doing a lot more at home. And now I don't even think of going to them. And if I'm out and need food, I usually don't go there. I'll stop at a grocery store and buy string cheese and a bag of pre-shelled sunflower seeds and maybe some slices of hard salami to go with my cheese. Or more usually, I'll just pack something planned.

I sometimes think one of the points that is most troublesome on lowcarb isn't the eating, but the planning and preparing!

Big Daddy D said...

Thanks for the feedback. My main problem is that I am on the road quite a bit. And, often I have to share a van with several other people. This makes it difficult to dictate where we eat. I do occasionally bring low carb snacks (slim jims, etc.) that pack easily. But it's hard to plan and fix lunches when you are living in a hotel room.