Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Experiments with Carbquik - Pancakes and Biscuits

The other day, we tried to make pancakes using the Carbquik recipe on the side of the box. The batter made according to the instructions was too thick. The pancakes looked more like biscuits and didn't spread properly. So, I added enough water to thin it to a normal pancake batter consistency. That worked. The pancakes looked normal. The taste was not as good as normal pancakes but not bad.

Last night, we made carbquik biscuits, following the directions on the box. Once again, the box directions were not very clear. It told you to add the water to the dry ingredient and mix. This made very thin batter, too thin. I think they meant to say to add the water gradually until the batter begins to form dough and ball up. Regardless, I added more carbquik to thicken it up and it worked. While they aren't bad, they have an odd flavor that I'm not sure how to describe. It's got a hind of something unusual, almost metallic in flavor.

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