Monday, October 9, 2006

End of Week 8 Results

I sit here this morning, eating homemade cheese cake and reporting on my diet results. Since I began this diet 8 weeks ago, I have lost 39 pounds and 5 inches off of my waist. My shirt size has dropped from 3XL to 2XL (and some XL). Just about all of my paints are baggy. Soon, I will no longer be shopping in the big and fat stores. My current net carb. intake is ranging between 30 and 45 per day. I feel strong, healthy, and more energetic than in a very long time. Long walks that used to take my breath are no longer difficult. Mowing the yard is no longer as tiring.

Detailed stats (end of week 8):
Total Weight: ..... From 336 to 297.0
Pounds of Fat: .... From 134.4 to 95
Lean Body Wt. ... From 201.6 to 202
Est. Body Fat: .... From 40.2% to 32.2%
Waist: ................ From 56.5 to 51.5 inches
Hips: .................. From 54.5 to 52 inches

Today's Ketostix reading is 70. I'd like to keep it between 40 and 80.

The ideal weight range for my body type is between 232 lbs. to 252 lbs. My goal is to weigh less than 240.

My wife has now been on this diet for a week. I doubt that she'd want me to publish her statistics. But, she too is doing extremely well.

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