Sunday, September 10, 2006

End of Week 4 Results

Today was the end of week four. I have lost 27 pounds in under a month! During this time, I have dropped inches off of my hips and waist. Some of my shirts and pants that were tight now fit again. My estimated lean body mass has increased by 1 pound. This means that I have lost no muscle mass at all. My current carbohydrate intake target is between 35 and 45 net carbs per day. The goal is to get down to 240 pounds, my ideal body weight.

Detailed stats (end of week 4):
Total Weight: ..... From 336 to 308.6 pounds
Pounds of Fat: .... From 134.4 to 104.4
Waste: ................ From 56.5 to 53 inches
Hips: .................. From 54.5 to 53 inches
Est. Body Fat: .... From 40.2% to 34.7%

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