Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food on the Road

Today was one of those difficult days to diet. I had to attend a business conference that was in a hotel located about two hours away from my house. The original plan was to leave early and eat a big breakfast omelet on company funds at a sit down diner along the way. However, I was running late. Before leaving home, I grabbed some sugar free tapioca pudding (7 net carbs). But, this wasn't enough to satisfy me. So, near my destination, I popped into McDonalds with only about 15 minutes available to eat. The breakfasts there consist mostly of biscuits, hashbrowns, etc. So, I ordered what wasn't on the menu... 2 eggs and 2 orders of bacon (0 carbs). Later, the conference included a free boxed lunch consisting of meager sandwich, chips, cookies, and a bag of potato chips. I sat there, after eating my piece of lunch meat, staring at all of these things I couldn't eat. Then it dawned on me that the hotel might have a restaurant. So, I popped downstairs and located a bar and grill. Using my company credit card, I purchased a steak dinner and had it delivered to the meeting room. So, I didn't have to go hungry after-all. And, I still got a free meal. This just goes to show you that it is not always easy being on this diet. I should have planned ahead but lucked out regardless.

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