Sunday, August 27, 2006

End of Week 2 Results

Today was the end of week two. I have lost almost 15 pounds. My waste and hips measurements have both dropped exactly one inch. My daily ketostix reading has ranged between 80 and 120. I'd be more at ease if my ketostix would stay between 50 and 80. I am burning fat at a slightly higher rate than I feel is healthy. Therefore, I plan to boost by carbohydrate intake a little. My target was a minimum of 30 net carbs a day but not more than 45. I think I'm going to up this to between 35 and 45.

Detailed stats (end of week 2):
Weight has dropped from 336 to 321.6 pounds.
Waste measurement has gone from 56.5 to 55.5 inches.
Hip measurement has gone from 54.5 to 53.5 inches.

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