Monday, August 21, 2006

Cheesecake - 6 net carbs per serving

I love food. I love cooking it, and I love eating it. One of the great things about this diet is that you do not have to starve yourself. You just have to be creative. My biggest problem on this diet was finding a quick and easy breakfast. I simply did not have time to cook eggs and bacon each morning. I needed something I could eat on the run. And, cheesecake came to the rescue! I cook this on the weekends and eat it most mornings for breakfast.

Excellent Low Carb Cheese Cake
Makes 8 servings

9" Springform Pan
Cake pan or other oven proof dish (for water only, if low humidity)
Electric Beaters

2 lbs of Philadelphia cream cheese (others are too soft and don't cook as well)
4 T. Equal for Recipes
4 Eggs
2 T. Heavy Cream
1 to 3 t. Lemon or Lime Zest (depending on desired intinsity)
1 T. vanilla (preferred Mexican over American brands)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat pan in thin layer of butter by rubbing cold stick of butter all over pan. Beat cream cheese on medium speed until smooth. While beating, slowly add sweetener. Then add eggs, one at a time. Mix in remaining ingredients.

Pour into springform pan. That's right, no crust. Don't worry, many cheesecake purists actually prefer no crust. If low humidity, put a pan of water in oven on bottom rack. Place cheese cake on upper rack, vertically in middle of oven. Bake 10 minutes then reduce heat to 275. Bake 1 hour. Do not open oven while backing. When done, turn off oven but do not open. It is important to let the oven cool completely before removing the cheesecake. If the cheesecake cools too quickly, it will crack. Once near room temperature, run knife around edges, cover, and place in refrigerator. The best way to slice a cheese cake is to remove the springform ring then cut using dental floss. Be creative with toppings but be careful of potential extra carbs. Enjoy!

*t. = teaspoon, T = tablespoon, c. = cup.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you SO much for your blog! Your recipes are incredible!!
Ive been low carbing for years (consistently keeping off 60 lbs), and Ive been delighted to find your site.
Once again, thanks for all your hard work, and congratulations on your weight loss!!

Tami said...

What a clever idea to eat cheesecake for breakfast! Lately, it's been really hard for me to come up with different ideas for breakfast. I can't wait to try this recipe.

I have a question for you...

I see that the recipe uses Equal instead of Splenda or Sweet n Low. Do you use Equal in cooking? Wondering if it does it give the cheesecake a different taste like I've heard people say?


Daron said...

I no longer use equal. Typicaly when I make cheesecake, I use sweetzfree which is concentrated liquid sucralose (the stuff Splenda is made from). I think just about any sweetener would work fine. But when measuring by the cup be sure to look up the real carb count. It might say 0 for a teaspoon but it's likely much higher for a cup due to the maltodextrin which they use to bulk it up to give equal measure to sugar.

Tami said...

Thanks for telling me about the carb counts when measuring the amts of sugar substitutes. I didn't know this.